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There currently tree channels you can use to send yourself notifications with LMK: web push, email, and text message. You can send an unlimited amount of web push notifications, but text message and email channels are only available with a paid subscription after your 30-day free trial.

Web Push

LMK supports sending yourself push notifications via your phone or computer. That means that you should be able to send push notifications to devices on the following platforms:

  • iOS: Requires iOS 16.5 or greater. Open the site in Safari and add it to your homescreen via the "Share" menu, then go to the channels page and you should see an button that will allow you to enable push notifications.
  • Android: Untested because I don't have an android device, but should work if you install the site as an app.


LMK also supports sending yourself emails as a notification method. When you create an account with LMK a notification channel for your account email will be created for you, but you can also add other email addresses that you'd like to notify. You must verify the address before you can send notifications to it.

Text Message

LMK also supports sending yourself notifications via text message. Phone numbers must be verified before they can be used to send notifications to from LMK.


MethodMonthly Quota
Web Pushunlimited
Email1000 (subscription required after free trial)
Text Message100 (subscription required after free trial)